National Geographic Journeys

Imagine a new way to experience the world

G Adventures and National Geographic believe that travel can and should be a force for good in the world. National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures was born from the shared values of our organisations: they combine National Geographic’s more than 125 years of global exploration, science, and storytelling, with the fun, responsible, and culturally-immersive travel experiences for which G Adventures is a global leader. When you travel on a National Geographic Journeys tour, you not only support community projects and initiatives to improve local livelihoods — but you also support National Geographic’s researchers and explorers all over the world.

These aren’t just trips; National Geographic Journeys tours are designed to foster human connections through immersive experiences. You’ll enjoy access to people and projects supported by National Geographic or G Adventures. And with upgraded accommodations, private transport, and more inclusions than other G Adventures tours, you won’t sacrifice comfort when you’re roaming the planet.

You’ve waited your whole life to discover the world — just like explorers you’ve read about in National Geographic magazine. Now’s your chance.

We’re all family.

National Geographic Family Journeys with G Adventures is a line of trips for adventure-loving families in search of a meaningful way to discover the world together. These itineraries are specially designed so travellers ages seven and up can explore a destination’s rich and diverse characteristics. Each itinerary features unique, interactive activities inspired by National Geographic’s expertise in photography and storytelling, wildlife, culture, history, and geography to encourage kids and adults alike to connect with the world around them. Families will enjoy enlightening experiences, the freedom to explore, quality time together—and they’ll return home with a renewed sense of wonder.

A selection of holidays
Explore Costa Rica-Costa Rica, San José
Next Sailing - With a quarter of its land covered in national parks and wildlife refuges, Costa Rica is a dream for the nature lover and adventure buff. On this unforgettable journey, discover the country’s diverse and breathtaking landscapes, from the Caribb... More »
Explore Israel & Jordan-Israel, Jerusalem
Next Sailing - Experience the treasures of the Middle East on an unforgettable journey that combines the highlights of Israel and Jordan. Discover life in Jerusalem through the eyes of a local scholar, view the famed Dead Sea Scrolls at the Israel Museum, and pa... More »
Rwanda & Uganda Gorilla Discovery-Rwanda, Kigali
Next Sailing - Embark on an unforgettable expedition to track mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, and other endangered primates in the rainforests of Rwanda and Uganda. Visit a research centre set up by Dr. Dian Fossey, who spent 18 years studying gorillas in the... More »
Iconic Italy-Italy, Venice
Next Sailing - Connect with some of the world’s greatest cultural highlights on a two-week exploration of Italy. Get in touch with the ancient past alongside an archaeologist amid the ash-preserved ruins of Pompeii, marvel at Renaissance treasures in iconic Ve... More »
Discover Moorish Spain-Spain, Madrid
Next Sailing - Andalucia exudes history and romance, from its grand plazas and iconic architecture to soulful traditions and evocative alleyways. Experience the spirit of southern Spain on a captivating voyage through five alluring cities. Explore Madrid’s fam... More »
Discover the Canadian Rockies - Westbound-Canada, Calgary
Next Sailing - Discover the awe-inspiring scenery and legendary wildlife of western Canada on a voyage across the craggy Rocky Mountains. Explore historic Banff and Whistler, marvel at the astonishing natural beauty of Lake Louise and the Victoria Glacier, take ... More »
Alaska Journey-United States, Anchorage
Next Sailing - Embark on an unforgettable voyage in Alaska, venturing from the sparkling coast of the Kenai Peninsula to the rugged wilderness of Denali National Park. Encounter incredible wildlife by land and sea—grizzly bears and caribou, puffins and whales... More »
Discover American Canyonlands-United States, Las Vegas
Next Sailing - Sandstone spires, crimson plateaus, and 2,000-year-old rock art—the canyonlands of the American Southwest encompass a geological playground millions of years in the making. Discover the natural treasures of this fascinating region alongside scie... More »
Explore Machu Picchu-Peru, Lima
Next Sailing - Delve into the historical mysteries and cultural treasures of Peru on this compact adventure. Discover UNESCO World Heritage sites—including the mountaintop citadel of Machu Picchu and historic Cusco—alongside knowledgeable local guides. Trave... More »
Botswana & Zimbabwe Safari-Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls
Next Sailing - Experience an unforgettable wildlife adventure through some of southern Africa’s most spectacular national parks. Keep your camera at the ready to capture lions and elephants in Hwange National Park; fly to the panhandle of the pristine Okavango... More »
Japan Family Journey: From Ancient to Modern Times-Japan, Tokyo
Next Sailing - Japan is a feast for the senses, from its electrifying neon-lit neighbourhoods to tranquil hilltop temples. Experience an intriguing mix of modernity and tradition as we explore dazzling Tokyo, imperial Kyoto, and the mountain city of Nagano. Wand... More »
Southeast Asia Family Journey: Vietnam to Cambodia-Vietnam, Hanoi
Next Sailing - Mythical palaces, colorful markets, and fantastical caves dripping in stalactites—Southeast Asia is a dream for adults and kids alike. On this trip, explore the jungle-shrouded ruins of Angkor, delight in a fascinating water puppet show, somersa... More »
Costa Rica Family Journey: From Rainforest to Coast-Costa Rica, San José
Next Sailing - Blanketed in pristine rainforest, lined by golden sands, and brimming with curious-looking creatures, Costa Rica is the ultimate family playground. Explore inland jungles and volcanic wonders in every way possible: soaring on a zip line, riding on... More »
Morocco Family Journey: Ancient Souks to the Sahara-Morocco, Marrakech
Next Sailing - Discover the magic of Morocco on a journey that takes you from bustling markets to soaring desert dunes. Meet enchanting musicians and storytellers steeped in Amazigh (also known as Berber) heritage, and try your hand at cooking up colourful local... More »
Southern Africa Family Journey: In Search of the Big Five-South Africa, Cape Town
Next Sailing - Boasting jaw-dropping scenery and some of the planet’s most iconic wildlife, southern Africa makes for an unforgettable family adventure. On this action-packed journey, venture to South Africa to seek out the legendary “big five” on safari, ... More »
France Family Journey: From Paris to Normandy and Beyond-France, Paris
Next Sailing - Explore the wonderful history, art, and culture of France on an adventure from iconic monuments in Paris to amazing cave dwellings in the Loire Valley. Find secret spots in the splendid gardens at Giverny and Versailles, study the strategy behind ... More »
Iceland Family Journey: Geysers, Glaciers, and Fjords-Iceland, Reykjavík
Next Sailing - From glittering glaciers to black-sand beaches, Iceland’s wild landscapes will surprise and inspire travelers of all ages. Explore this subarctic isle’s natural and cultural treasures alongside our dynamic guides as you step behind the curtain... More »
Alaska Family Journey: Wilderness Explorer-United States, Anchorage
Next Sailing - Epic wildlife, soaring summits, and tundra stretching as far as the eye can see: everything is bigger in Alaska. Journey to the far north—where the sun never quite sets in the summer—and make the most of long days on hiking and wildlife-viewin... More »
National Parks of the American West-United States, Las Vegas
Next Sailing - From Death Valley to the Grand Canyon, the American West features an astonishing array of geological extremes. Journey to seven incredible national parks in Utah, Arizona, and California, and gain new perspectives from scientists, naturalists, and... More »
National Parks Family Journey: Yellowstone and Grand Teton-United States, Jackson
Next Sailing - Discover the heart of the American West during a week spent exploring Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Follow in the footsteps of great explorers as you encounter towering Teton peaks and the dramatic geysers spouting from Yellowstone... More »
Peru Family Journey: Machu Picchu to the Amazon-Peru, Lima
Next Sailing - Introduce your family to the wonders of Peru, from the mysteries of the Inca to the amazing creatures of the Amazon. Venture into the colorful swirl of village markets and experience Andean traditions firsthand. Ride a train high into the mountain... More »
Greece: Ancient Ruins & Iconic Islands-Greece, Athens
Next Sailing - Step back in time on a journey to Greece, where iconic ruins bring ancient history to life. Explore the awe-inspiring monuments of Athens and the stunning Cyclades islands; and run and jump in the footsteps of ancient Greek athletes at the birthpl... More »
Iconic Ireland-Ireland, Dublin
Next Sailing - A land of ancient legends, epic folktales, and grand traditions, Ireland is a destination that will truly transport you back in time. Uncover Celtic culture and admire medieval architecture across the stunning countryside, and delve into historic ... More »