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Cultural Travel & Tours
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Greece: Ancient Ruins & Iconic Islands-Greece, Athens
Next Sailing - Step back in time on a journey to Greece, where iconic ruins bring ancient history to life. Explore the awe-inspiring monuments of Athens and the stunning Cyclades islands; and run and jump in the footsteps of ancient Greek athletes at the birthpl... More »
Iconic Ireland-Ireland, Dublin
Next Sailing - A land of ancient legends, epic folktales, and grand traditions, Ireland is a destination that will truly transport you back in time. Uncover Celtic culture and admire medieval architecture across the stunning countryside, and delve into historic ... More »
The Palaces & Galleries of St Petersburg-St Petersburg, Russia
Next Sailing - Peter the Great was a man with a vision. He was determined to show the world that Russia was not a backward nation rooted in tradition but one that was modern and forward thinking, looking to the West, not the East for its inspiration and ideals. How... More »
Sicily - An Enigmatic Island-Sicily, Italy
Next Sailing - The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily’s strategic importance has given it a violent, eventful and colourful history. Doric temples, Roman mosaics, elegant and powerful Norman architecture and a wealth of Baroque and Renaissance palaces an... More »
Jordan - The Land of T.E. Lawrence-Jordan, Jordan
Next Sailing - The sight of the Great Treasury of Petra is one of the most thrilling travel experiences you will encounter, giving the visitor a great sense of discovery and something very special to savour. There is so much more to Jordan than just Petra though, a... More »
Van Gogh & Cezanne in Roman Provence-Provence, France
Next Sailing - The sun-drenched fields of lavender, wheat and sunflowers epitomise the countryside of Provence and inspired the Post-Impressionists, Van Gogh and Cezanne. This tour includes the towns of Arles and Aix-en-Provence where the artists painted, as well a... More »
Art, Music & Literature in Moscow-Moscow, Russia
Next Sailing - Moscow is the spiritual and political heart of Russia, and for those who wish to understand the country, a visit to the city of Tolstoy, Chekhov and Dostoevsky is an essential experience. Our tour will encompass dazzling Orthodox cathedrals, imposing... More »
The Duke of Wellington & Peninsular War-Portugal, Portugal
Next Sailing - Military historian Hugh Macdonald-Buchanan leads our tour to Spain and Portugal, which combines fascinating history with spectacular scenery and delicious food and wine. The Peninsular War began in 1808, one year after Napoleon decided to stop Britai... More »
Madrid & Old Castille-Madrid, Spain
Next Sailing - Madrid not only has some of the finest art collections in the world at its many museums and galleries, it is also a wonderful base from which to explore the surrounding region. Our tour spends three days in the capital along with three visits further... More »
Byzantine & Ottoman Istanbul-Istanbul, Turkey
Next Sailing - Istanbul is one of the world’s most fascinating cities and has a colourful and complex history, spanning many centuries. Our five night holiday will introduce you to both the Byzantine and Ottoman periods; spanning 1,600 years from 330 AD until the... More »
The Western Front - The Road to Victory-France, France
Next Sailing - Led by military historian Hugh Macdonald-Buchanan, we will visit the principal battlefields of the British Expeditionary Forces, starting at the notorious Ypres Salient which saw intense action throughout the war. We follow the progress of the troops... More »
Puglia - A Land of Conquest-Puglia, Italy
Next Sailing - Puglia, the ‘heel’ of Italy, is an ancient land that is highly fertile despite its harsh limestone landscape typical of the Mezzogiorno. It was this remote corner of the peninsula that the Normans conquered in the 11th century, dominating the ent... More »
Gardens of Marrakech-Marrakech, Morocco
Next Sailing - Marrakech is an intoxicating destination for all the senses, and the city and its surroundings are also home to a number of remarkable gardens. In the company of expert horticulturist Kirsty Fergusson, we shall explore some of the finest – from the... More »
Nuremberg & Franconia-Germany, Germany
Next Sailing - The cultural heart of Germany, Franconia is home to some of the most evocative and well-preserved mediaeval art and architecture in Europe. Based in Nuremberg, birthplace of Albrecht Dürer, we will explore the region’s charming towns and cities in... More »
Carcassinne & Albi-Carcassonne, France
Next Sailing - This tour is based at the pinnacle of the mediaeval citadel of Carcassonne where we stay at the luxurious Hotel de la Cité, built into the ramparts with panoramic views of the countryside. It is from here that we will explore the many distinctive re... More »
The Kirker Festival in Mallorca-Mallorca, Spain
Next Sailing - Our Kirker Music Festival in the pretty village of Banyalbufar on the glorious and dramatic north coast of Mallorca places Frédéric Chopin centre stage. Chopin and his lover, George Sand, stayed on the island for three months during the winter of 1... More »
The Bay of Naples-Naples, Italy
Next Sailing - The ancient and imperial history of Naples and its glorious bay is so powerfully etched into the minds of travellers to the region that it often comes as a shock to remember that, after the fall of the Roman Empire, Naples was reborn and went on to e... More »